The Long Goodbye

It never really occurred to me before I started doing it, how long it takes to pack up a life. For nearly three years now my life has felt like one long goodbye. Some of the recent goodbyes (like my Father) have been involuntary, some, like my job, worked out so well for various reasons, that … More The Long Goodbye

The Sound of Music – when JT and I first said “I love you”

Ah mix tapes, that rite of passage that any good, teen relationship went through if you are my age and remember what a cassette looks like. Picture from I was never cool enough to get one as a teen, and I wanted so badly to have John Cusack turn up on my lawn with … More The Sound of Music – when JT and I first said “I love you”

The Big Blues …

Long distance relationships are hard, and right now I’m finding it especially hard, as this time last year I’d just arrived in Michigan on my last visit.  At the time we were aiming for me to be there to live for our first anniversary, which is next week, but not long after my return, my Father … More The Big Blues …

Immigration Time Line … The story so far

Our Relationship:  First online contact:     29th November 2012 First Skype call:  4th December 2012 My First visit to USA  22nd May 2013 JT’s first  visit to UK: 10th October 2013 JT second visit: April 2014 My second visit: June 2014 Number of hours spent on Skype by this point: Wedding: June 13th 2014 Immigration put on … More Immigration Time Line … The story so far