Green Card

Well here it is, the film title we’ve all been waiting for! And in only two months, although they say it can take up to six. My green card arrived today, three years to the day that JT and I first physically met.  What a crazy, wonderful, weird three years it has been. So now … More Green Card

28 Days Later …

So it’s slightly more than 28 days later, but hey a film title is a film title,  so let’s take a look at what I’ve been doing: Firstly, Michigan weather be crazy – we’ve had 3 foot snow and 70 degree (Fahrenheit) within a week of each, although we are back to seasonal norms and no … More 28 Days Later …

Coming to America

So just a quick one, but here I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight. It’s been a long journey, but we’ve made it. It’s emotional on so many levels, so many goodbyes, one huge hello. There aren’t words enough to tell my friends and family how much I love them or to thank … More Coming to America

The Long Goodbye

It never really occurred to me before I started doing it, how long it takes to pack up a life. For nearly three years now my life has felt like one long goodbye. Some of the recent goodbyes (like my Father) have been involuntary, some, like my job, worked out so well for various reasons, that … More The Long Goodbye

Lost In Translation – follow up questions to our supporting evidence, part one

So the fantastic news is we received our response to our evidence pack in November and it looks like they will be forwarding our application to the embassy, providing we can answer just two little queries. The first issue is interestingly a request of copies of my “court or prison records indicating the nature of this … More Lost In Translation – follow up questions to our supporting evidence, part one

Proof of Life – Visa Support Package

So, much collating and copying later, we have submitted our visa support package. In addition to all the required documents such as copies of marriage and divorce certificates, birth certificates, police certificate, passport and Affidavit of Support with tax return and W2s, we also included the following as proof of our relationship: Evidence of our … More Proof of Life – Visa Support Package


So yes I committed that blogging crime of all blogging crimes and stopped blogging. Bless me Reader, it’s been a month since my last confession. Did you miss me? My difficulty is that I haven’t really had anything to report, as due to time constraints and funding, nothing has been happening on the visa front … More Nothing

Immigration Time Line … The story so far

Our Relationship:  First online contact:     29th November 2012 First Skype call:  4th December 2012 My First visit to USA  22nd May 2013 JT’s first  visit to UK: 10th October 2013 JT second visit: April 2014 My second visit: June 2014 Number of hours spent on Skype by this point: Wedding: June 13th 2014 Immigration put on … More Immigration Time Line … The story so far