Spousal Visa Process UK to USA

This is a one stop list of the stages in the Spousal Visa Process, with fees where applicable and links to paperwork  and my experiences where possible.

If you want to see the whole time line, including our relationship and visits, check out this post here.

I-130 Paperwork posted to Chicago: 27th January 2015 ($420)

Paperwork acknowledged: Dated February 8th 2015 (email notification received February 9th)

I-797 Notice of Action Petition Approved: April 9th 2015

Case number and I-864 (affidavit of support) processing fee bill received from NVC: 8th May (arrived 10th)

Technical Hitch at the NVC – 11th May onwards and counting …

DS- 261 Choice of Agent Address Filed: May 28th 2015

DS-1200 Acknowledgemnt of Choice of Agent and visa application bill received by email: June 14th 2015

I-1864 processing bill paid  ($120): June 14th 2015

On hold due to financial and employment issues June to July

IV Fee Payment made: July 21st 2015 ($325)

DS260 (Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application Confirmation) Submitted:August 13th 2015

ACRO Police Certificate Application (2 copies express service £80): September 8th 2015

Supporting Documents submitted: September 30th 2015

NVC Acknowledgement of Supporting Documents received: October 7th 2015

Additional paperwork requested: 19th November 2015

Additional Letter of Explanation sent: 2nd December 2015

Letter received: 9th December 2015

Application put forward for interview waiting list: 12th January 2016

Notification of this received: January 21st (after phoning for an update)

Reached front of queue for scheduling: 29th January 2016  (one year since posting application)

Phoned for further update after seeing on twitter that the embassy were scheduling interviews for applications received after ours: 8th February 2016


ONE YEAR: since receipt of application February 9th 2016

Medical Scheduled for February 10th 2016  (£290 + any vaccinations plus train fare to London)

Registered for Courier:February 10th 2016

Follow up letter post medical sent 21st February 2016


Visa Collected March 9th 2016

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