Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – how to make your cake and eat it!

We had a busy week with eldest step-child’s 18th birthday, a long road trip to Madison and a new addition to the family .

I decided to step way out of my comfort zone and make and decorate a cake.  Since we saw it at the cinema, our two daughters and myself have been obsessed with “Fantastic Beasts … ” so I decided to try my hand at Newt Salamander’s Suitcase.  I have two cake gurus, one is my sister, who when she isn’t teaching law at university, writing books, or lecturing around the world, makes cakes that professionals would die for. The other is my new found blog obsession Carlytoffle cakes.  So when I discovered she had made a suitcase cake I decided to follow her instructions on recipe and how to build it here.

I simplified a few things like the rivets, by punching the shapes rather than rolling them and sticking them on, before coloring them, and I added edible diamonds and made a string of pearls out of fondant, so it looked like the Niffler was trying to pull them into the suitcase.   It took me nearly a whole day, but I was pleased with the results in the end:

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Thank you Carly!

We had a fantastic beast of our own join the family, in the form of a great dane puppy of small stature (for now) and enormous cuteness, who also turned out to be a hero on the long road trip to Madison for the birthday weekend.

We had a great time in Madison, with swimming,  Chinese takeout, birthday monopoly, (I won in some random lurch into an alternate universe) and lunch at Five Guys, but it was mostly about wandering around with family, so I will wait until we visit in the summer to do a proper review. You can find my review of Five Guys here.

It was a wonderful trip but a long drive and it has taken me a little while to recover. Puppy is settling in and Rather-Smart-Terrier has nearly stopped sulking.  I wonder if I can train them to steal jewelry? (That comment will make far more sense when you have seen the movie and know what the Niffler does – its not an odd segue into a life of crime.) Right now I would settle for sleeping on command!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is by far the most magical of any of the Harry Potterverse movies. Eddie Redmayne is, as always, adorable and the sets, 1930 costumes and special effects are super. We are counting down to be able to buy the dvd.

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