Great Locations No 1. Bonds Falls, MI



This is a favorite place  of ours to visit,  (link opens in new tab with map/directions) it was the very first road trip JT and I went on after I arrived in the US, it is a spot he has visited with his children several times over the years and it was our “go to” guest show-off spot when my sister visited.

During the summer months, there is a car park with toilet facilities open, and a booth where you can pay a small fee, or if like us you have the leisure pass on your number plate, you can park for free.

In May the booth was unattended, in the summer there was a ranger there and in November when we went back with my sister, the car park was closed completely.

It is a nice stroll down to the viewing platforms, the path is wide and mostly level and there is a platform that allows you to view the whole vista of the falls.

If you are able to climb steps, you can walk up the side of the whole falls and take advantage of photo opportunities both beside and in the river. The steps are quite steep and can be slippery, I took them steadily and carefully with my fibro.

We walked in from the road down the steps when the car park was closed and hiked back up the right hand side trail as a change from the steps.

It has never been over crowded when we’ve been there and the views are spectacular, as is the sound.



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