We just had our first critter encounter ,with a psychotic chipmunk. It dashed across the road at us and Black Dog was all “what is that? I must kill it!” Brown Dog started baying like the Belvoir in full cry and leaping so high off the ground in cat pounces, it was more like flying a kite than walking a dog.  Of course I was trying to be suitably calm and project alpha energy but I just got the mad giggles. In the end I turned them and took them through the woods in the opposite direction.

Lo and behold who should we bump into as we circled back round but the same damn chipmunk. It commenced running up and down a fallen tree trunk, cursing at us in chipmunk (you know,”your father was a hamster, your mother smells of elderberries”) Brown Dog is giving as good as he gets and in the middle of all this, Black Dog decides he has to Go.

in the middle of all this, Black Dog decides he has to Go.

So I’m now trying to anchor Brown Dog to a tree so I can pick up after Black Dog without being pulled face forwards into it. (I have a Navy Seal code about dog poop).

We made it back, I’m still laughing and the dogs are now both flat on their backs snoring.

This is not the chipmunk in question, this is Jeremy, King of Chipmunks who rides a concrete frog and lives under the porch at JT’s old apartment.

In other wildlife news, it turns out chickadees are a real thing and not an oddly made up term of affection (my little chickadee), and we have a group of them visiting our bird feeder.

This is a chickadee, what I would call a tit, life’s full of strange terms.
A Cardinal and a couple of as yet unidentified finches

I also saw my first red squirrel (since I was a kid in England) and had the pleasure of watching Brown Dog trying to shin up a tree after it. (Sadly no photos as leads, tree climbing dogs and laughter do not make for the best circumstances to snap a picture.) To a Brit the red squirrel is quite a big deal as they were more or less wiped out in the UK , by grey squirrels stealing their food and habitat.

I have also hear but not seen a woodpecker, seen several hawks, three cranes and possibly two eagles, they were huge but I’m not sure. The geese are returning and we are getting ready to put out our humming bird feeders.

My next plan will be teaching them how to clean the apartment!

Image from Disney’s Snow White

Critters (1986) A race of small, furry aliens make lunch out of the locals in a farming town.

Snow White, the 1937 Disney animated classic, the original and the best, much as I love the more recent film version, Snow White and The Huntsman, there is no beating the Disney original.

2 thoughts on “Critters

  1. So does this mean it is now permissible to call you a tit, as a term of endearment, my little chickadee? 😉

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