The Long Goodbye

It never really occurred to me before I started doing it, how long it takes to pack up a life. For nearly three years now my life has felt like one long goodbye.

Some of the recent goodbyes (like my Father) have been involuntary, some, like my job, worked out so well for various reasons, that the opportunity was too good to miss.

I don’t miss the commute, but I do miss my friends at work, I miss having a role, a purpose and people to share that with.

I miss having a role, a purpose and people to share that with.

I have said goodbye to a part of my life that has defined me for  years, that has literally kept me fed and clothed and warm after the break up of my previous marriage.  Until this month, it was the latest in a series of goodbyes, that started when my mother died, my marriage ended and my former marital home became too expensive to live in.

It is a year since my father died, the house I was born in is up for sale, my job  became too difficult to get to and now my house contents have been packed up ready for shipment and I am temporarily house-sharing with friends.

Of course there have been some wonderful new things in my life in this time. JT and my marriage, and my friendship with my stepchildren, the little little cottage by the sea I am just giving up. I have any blessings and I try to count them daily, but I am apart from JT and my stepchildren and must say goodbye to my home.

I am doing my best to see my friends before I go, without making it feel like goodbye, but poised as I am on the brink now, I really just want to get on with it, get my visa, go home to my husband.

As the Spanish say, if you have to eat a toad, it it quickly! As Joss Whedon would have his character say “bored now!”


The Long Goodbye is a 1973 adaptation of a Raymond Chandler, Philip Marlow story, staring Elliot Gould and directed by Robert Altman.


4 thoughts on “The Long Goodbye

      1. YES! You hit the nail on the head! When the first part of the application got approved, I was so excited and then it was like oh….another step closer to leaving….!

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