Always a big deal for me, I missed this year because of a migraine, luckily a friend came over the following wednesday so that we could carve our pumpkins any way, so I thought I would show case my pumpkins, past and present.

2008 i was in America until just before Halloween and the pumpkins were all sold out, so I just decorated the house as a graveyard.

No front yard at my current house (yes I have moved a lot), so I hadn’t any plans to decorate even before my headache, but I am quite excite about the steps at the front of JT’s apartment, much pumpkin potential there I think and who knows, we might even be in our own house by then!

Here’s hoping and Happy Halloween.

Halloween is a 1978 John Carpenter horror classic that spawned several sequels and some rather hilarious reboots.

It is also my favourite holiday.

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