Proof of Life – Visa Support Package


So, much collating and copying later, we have submitted our visa support package.

In addition to all the required documents such as copies of marriage and divorce certificates, birth certificates, police certificate, passport and Affidavit of Support with tax return and W2s, we also included the following as proof of our relationship:

  • Evidence of our joint bank account.
  • Photographs of our wedding, first meeting and other visits.
  • Three year’s worth of Skype logs.
  • Evidence of our jointly owned and insured truck.
  • Copies of plane tickets.
  • Notarised letters from my in-laws.
  • A variety of letters and cards exchanged between JT and myself.
  • Letters and cards from my step-children.
  • Cards and letter sent to us as a couple.
  • Evidence of our joint medical coverage.

I had been compiling this file for sometime and it is never too soon to start.

We put everything together in the same order as the front sheet, in plastic files, labelled and held together with treasury tags.


TOP TIP: As you put your evidence together, take two copies of everything, one will go to the NVC, keep the other and the originals for your interview at the Embassy.

We combined it with a brief visit from JT, which was a complete spur of the moment decision, which we made when he was laid off again and the kids had other plans for their scheduled weekend.  I sent him a plane ticket for the next day and we had a lovely, if very quiet week, curled up together in front of the tv putting our support package together.



Proof of Life is a 2000 movie starring Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe, directed by Taylor Hackford. It is a reasonable stab at a thriller, but is probably more famous for causing the breakdown of Meg Ryan’s marriage to Dennis Quaid after she had an affair with her costar.


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