So yes I committed that blogging crime of all blogging crimes and stopped blogging.

Bless me Reader, it’s been a month since my last confession.

Did you miss me?

My difficulty is that I haven’t really had anything to report, as due to time constraints and funding, nothing has been happening on the visa front and I have also been ill.

When I say nothing is happening I don’t mean in a cheerful, happy “busy doing nothing” kind of way, I just mean that my day consists of getting up at 5.30am, leaving the house at 6.30 am taking the two hour, two bus commute to work, working all day and then reversing the journey home, and then because being ill has a really bad effect on my fibro, eating crap food and falling into bed.

I’ve just been too exhausted to blog and there is a limit to how often you can talk about that (I think this one time is the limit) without it just sounding like whining.

I work in finance, it is Year End, work is very busy and what I do can have an impact on the budgets my schools have to spend this year if I miss anything, so it’s quite focussed.

However there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I recently got the funds to pay the visa application fee, JT is back at work and able to provide that paperwork. The court stuff to do with his layoff has been settled. I finally have a list of everywhere I’ve lived and Year End is over on Friday.

So fingers crossed this weekend will see the next step forward in our process, with only a month delay.

Watch this space and hopefully it wont be space for much longer!

Nothing is a 2003 comedy fantasy, which looks really good – I must add it to the TMD watch list.

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