All She Wishes – Blogging 101 Day 8 – Commenting

The universe seems to be in a wish granting mood today. I have high hopes for a lottery win tonight.

Not without a sense of humour though, it started however by granting my wish to live life in the movies with the opening scene of Four Weddings & a Funeral when I realised I’d over slept and levitated out of my bed and into my clothes with a running commentary of the appropriate (or inappropriate) expletives.

The poor dog was commanded to take the shortest pee ever (I fear I may pay for that later) and by a minor miracle I was at the bus stop only fifteen minutes later than usual and only ten minutes late into work. However this did mean that I missed my usual half hour of blogging time when I get into work before nine.

More is to come as a quick look at my email informs me that eight days into the course I have been finally given access to the WordPress 101 Commons and can join all my fellow students at Blogwarts sipping butter beer in front of a roaring computer screen.

Yet more hope on the blog front – today’s task is to comment on another blog – could this finally be the day that I get feedback on my blog? Be still my beating heart!

As is so often the case recently, I actually completed this homework already in the last few days, (I blogged about it here) so I will be tracking back to make a record of the blogs I went to because apparently there will be a further testing on the subject!

All She Wishes is a ghastly sounding film directed by Letia Clouston and released earlier this year. Plot summary on IMDB as follows:

When sardonic high school senior Sophie O’Dea inherits her neurotic grandmother’s car, an old automobile named Star, she is told the car has magical powers. But when Sophie casually makes a wish upon Star for a date to the Valentine’s dance, her wish comes true in the form of Drake, a famous upcoming actor from Los Angeles. Now, stressed-out Sophie must find a way to get the wisecracking Drake back to the bright lights of the city before he’s stuck in small-town America forever…but she just might learn a whole lot about herself, including how to have fun again, along the way.

10 thoughts on “All She Wishes – Blogging 101 Day 8 – Commenting

  1. Nice to find a fellow morning blogger. Welcome to the commons. Are you using tags in your posts? I have found several people by following the tag blogging101 that I haven’t seen in the commons. Maybe that can increase your views and comments.

    1. Yes hello there, thank you it’s a good point you make about tags, I do use them but a quick review shows that I am inconsistent and need to check my spelling (no one is looking for blogging 101!) I will get fixing!

  2. Maybe the universe is in a conciliatory mood after all.. Sounds like you’ve made light of what seemed like a bad start to the day.. It’s always great when the day recovers from a middling start I guess.. May the (lottery winning) force be with you!

    1. Thank you 🙂 It has been a bit bumpy and I hate rushing so I may have been a leetle more grumpy in real life than on my blog, but definite good points to the day and swoon … 4 comments … 🙂

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