Deconstructing Harry – Blogging 101 Day 5 – Themes

OK, I know I wasn’t going to post any more posts just about blogging, but … funny story …

You may notice the blog is looking a little … deconstructed today. (Hopefully if you are reading sometime in the future, right now you are thinking “no way, the blog looks awesome” but as of June 2015 that looks unlikely)  This is because of the latest lesson from Wordpress Blogging 101: a cheery exhortation to mess about with your blog theme.

In teeny, tiny letters right at the bottom, the email suggests creating a private, test blog, but my mind skipped right across that paragraph, like a stone across a pond, because test sites are for wimps right?

Oh ho ho ho says she, putting the “ho” into “hollow laughter”, how little I knew.

I had a scroll through to look for something with the characteristics I was looking for, and immediately saw 2015 – big leap from my current comfort zone of 2012, but what the heck, it looks nice and supports a static front page blog so we are good to go.

So I clicked on it and had a fiddle with the colours and added a picture and I’m really liking this theme and thinking about staying, when I realise my blog has gone.

Static front page? Check!

Additional pages? No!

And what’s more I can’t find anywhere to link them or switch them on and it is now ten to nine and I start work at nine.  Silent at-desk panic ensues.

The upshot it that I decide to rush back to the old theme and not mess any more, except that the change in theme has already switched off all my widgets … sigh.

So here I stand in front of the class, (well not exactly as they won’t let me into The Commons either but that’s another story)  stark-widget-naked and without my homework.  It’s a nightmare I haven’t had in 30 odd years.

So my plan for the day is to mend my old blog format and look at a new one long term – because as the screen shot shows below, I think with a paler version of my picture, 2015 could well end up working very well for me.

alternate blog design

I haver heard a rumour from the guys who sit at the front of the class that the next lesson involves adding widgets to your blog. Cue more hollow laughter.

Deconstructing Harry is a 1997 film written and directed by Woody Allen about a writer suffering from writer’s block and eagerly awaiting his writing award, Harry Block remembers events from his past and scenes from his best-selling books as characters, real and fictional, come back to haunt him. (from IMDB)

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