Blogsters University – WordPress Blogging 101 – Day 1

This seems like a good point in my journey to start reaching out to the blogging community and to take look at making my blog all it can be.  So I have joined the WordPress Blogging 101 course.

And yes I’m really reaching with the film title on this post, but I didn’t want to spend so long trying to find a title that I fell behind with the course (and sometimes you just have to have a really groan-worthy pun).

With time differences I am always going to be one day behind as I do my posting first thing in the morning and the 101 daily email arrives in the evening here, but that is a far behind as I want to get!

So on to the first lesson –

Who I am and why do I blog?

I have this description on my on my Gravatar  profile:

“Alien spouse, stepmother, witch, nerd, cooking and crafting my way through life while waiting for my visa”

and I’m pretty happy with that summary.

I expand a little on my introduction page The Trailer,  reproduced below:

The Trailer

A blog about love, family, cooking,  DIY and movies, set on two continents.

I’m half of a (temporarily – while we sort out visas) long distance marriage. My husband is American, I’m British and we are working towards our happy-ever-after in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I’m also step-mum to 3 wonderful children, and servant to a rather smart terrier.

I’ve started this blog to chart our adventures in love, family, visa applications and the two countries famously divided by a common language.

I’m also a nerd, so there will be movies references galore, endless cups of tea, as many recipes using peanut butter as the internet can provide and some truly excruciating puns!

But to couch it in more “mission statement” terms, rather than “humorous welcome” terms, this blog is currently:

  • For people who are interested can follow along with the process of applying for a spousal visa to move from the UK to America. There is a lot of information out there on the subject, but I struggled to find personal narrative with the detail I required, other than the “friend of a friend disaster stories”  and the information in some of the expat forums, which can be scattered. So I hope to be a source of information and comfort, all in one place.
  • About my reflections on long distance relationships and how we keep the love alive, and a homage to my family traditions and the way my parents kept their love alive, over time rather than distance.

Once I get to America, I am hoping to continue the blog as my tribute to Alistair Cook and his Letters From America, although with the emphasis on humour and family rather than political commentary. This formed a part of our family Sunday morning breakfast ritual for many years and certainly contributed to my life long love of America and politics.  My long term and so-secret-I-dare-hardly-write-it goal (so keep this between us) is to use it as the platform from which to launch a book.

The next task is about the title and the tagline so I will talk a little about my movie inspiration and awful puns tomorrow.

Blogging University logo property of WordPress, featured here from

Monsters University“>Monsters University is the inspiration for the title,  is the adorable 2013 prequel to the equally fabulous Monsters Inc. You can buy them both Monsters Inc. / Monsters University Collection [DVD] [2001]“>here.

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