My Stepmother is an Alien – Petition I-130 Alien Relative & G-325A Biograhic Information

It’s official, as of this morning, (in the USA) we sent off our forms to the lock box in Chicago as the first step in our Alien Relative visa process.

I’m so excited, and scared and nervous …

But despite the nerves I’m still laughing at the label “alien spouse” and the jokes the kids have been making ever since the wedding.

All the information implies a six to eight month process, but most word of mouth accounts suggest longer.  I’m going to see if I can find a counter for this blog and we are hoping I will be in the USA for Thanks Giving, ten months from now.

You can find the I-130 and G-325A forms here. The page links to the fees and forms. At the time of filing the fee was $420.

You need to send a number of additional documents including birth certificates, marriage certificate, proof of divorce (decree absolute). However you should check the list on the form and not rely on my list here.

As well as the required documents they also ask for supporting evidence for the relationship. We sent

  • A sheet of wedding photographs.
  • A notarised letter from my Mother in Law and one from my sister in law describing our first meeting, the wedding and my relationship with their brother.
  • Evidence of our joint bank account
  • A screen print of our first conversation on Face Book.
  • A log of our Skype calls from December 2012 until the wedding.
  • Scans of letters to me from the children and Mothers Day cards.
  • Scans of Christmas and Valentine’s Day cards

Again, this worked for us but I’m not an immigration officer or a lawyer and I can’t advise or guarantee what will work for you.


Wikipedia says My Stepmother is an Alien is a 1988 American comedy science fiction film produced by the Weintraub Entertainment Group for release through Columbia Pictures, directed by Richard Benjamin and starring Dan Aykroyd and Kim Basinger, with featured performances by Jon Lovitz and Alyson Hannigan

You can buy it Name Your Link“>here


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