Forget Paris

About five days after JT and I started chatting, I had this panicky conversation with my friend Lucy via text:

Me:          So JT asked me to go to Paris with him.

Lucy:        Really? What did you say?

Me:          No of course!

Lucy:       Too soon?

Me:          Well leaving aside the fact that I was with my ex-husband for five years and he never once mentioned going to Paris with me and JT has asked after five days, have you seen him? He is gorgeous and he is really lovely too. I can’t go to the most romantic city on earth with a lovely, gorgeous American. I’d fall in love with him and it would complicate my life horribly! In fact I’d have to be in Seine!

(yes I really did say that  I’m sorry!)

Luckily for me, JT is patient and persistent and my “nipping it in the bud” plan failed miserably. Two years later we are married and finally planning that trip to Paris.

Forget Paris is a 1995 movie, the title referencing the great Casablanca line: “We’ll always have Paris”.  It was written, directed and starred Billie Crystal. You can buy it here.

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