I Married A Witch … The Trumbleys, est. 2014

One thing you learn as a movie fan – especially the kind of movie fan that I am, who not only identifies with the line in “Sleepless In Seattle ”  where the BF says ” you don’t want to be in love, you want to be in love in the movies” but has been identified with it by others, (My BF looked at me raised an eyebrow and said “that’s you!”) is that all the great romances end with a wedding or a promise of a wedding.

I thought I’d be a little different and start with ours, because although it isn’t by any means where our story begins, it obviously isn’t the ending either, and of course it is the point at which the lovely people at US Immigrations get seriously interested in our story.

So here it is, the two of us, on Friday 13th 2014 (because when else do witches get married?) with our small, home made, pun-laden wedding.


To keep costs down and because it felt so American, we got a keg of Budweiser on tap and ordered 2 foot pizza from the local pizza place Taormina’s (and yes non-Americans I did say 2 foot across), which we ate picnic style on the lawn in front of JT’s apartment. I bought mason jars to use as glasses and doctored them up with chalkboard labels and straws so everyone could hang onto their glass.

To add a hint of Brit, I made up a big mason jar drinks server (bought super cheaply from Walmart) of Pimms and dunked strawberries in white chocolate and blue sugar, strawberries and Pimms being very British and very June. We served iced tea for the drivers.

The kids did their duties as best man and bridesmaids in a blue suit, a red dress and a white dress and the girls wore clip in hair colours.

I painted the soles of my shoes with the two flags and JT’s tie was vintage and depicts the ride of Paul Revere to warn that the British were coming. The buttons on his waistcoat are bears, which is a family joke.

The Union Jack reveal cake was made by my sister and I still think it is the cleverest thing ever.






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